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Richard Surguine

Hi friend!  My name is Richard Surguine.  I am serving a life sentence in the Department of Correction for a crime that I can never pay for.  However, the good news is that my best friend “Jesus” paid the price for me when He wore that crown of thorns to Calvary’s Cross.

When I received “Jesus” as Lord of Lords over my life, my life sentence became an eternal life sentence!  Praise God!  I now enjoy an inner peace that surpasses all understanding!  Although I used to be addicted to drugs, I now have victory in “Jesus”!  I have been born again and I don’t even desire that old lifestyle any longer.  Praise the Lord!

Even from inside the prison system, God is able to find ways to utilize the talents that He gave me.  I designed and painted the logo for the “Locked Down For The Lord Prison Ministries Inc.  In the first rough draft of the logo, I had the pad lock in a locked position.  When I showed the drawing to one of my brothers in the ministry, he asked me (W.W. J.D.) what would Jesus do?  Jesus would unlock that pad lock!  I definitely stood in agreement about what Jesus would do.  So I decided to redraw that pad lock in a “Freedom Position”.

If you are having trouble over a fleshly desire in your life, I recommend that you start each day off one hour earlier than normal, and spend it with Jesus in prayer and bible study.  This will give you something to think about throughout the day.  You might also want to devote as much time as possible to serve the Lord in ministry.  Ministry is an action word.  It means to “go”.  There is a plan and a purpose for your personal ministry.  Pray to your Heavenly Father and He will show you what you can do!

                                                          God Bless You!

                                                          Go With God!

                                                          There Is Victory In Jesus!

Richard Surguine