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Mark Wright

Mark is one of the first young men that Larry ministered to when he started doing jail ministry.  He met Mark at the Hempstead County Jail in Hope, AR and we have stayed in touch mainly by mail for the last 10 years.  He is currently in a federal prison in Marianna, FL.   If you are interested in writing to him, his address is Mark Wright #05866-010, P.O. Box 7007, Marianna, FL  32447.


We have an anchor that keeps the soul,
Yes, steadfast and sure while the billows roll.
Fastened to the “Rock” which cannot move,
Grounded firm and deep; kept safe in His hand above,
He who lives within our heart,
Yes, His wondrous love He does to us impart.
Ruined by my fall, yet let me tell you something great,
Yes, He loves me; saved me from my lost estate,
No need for proof that God is near,
Yes, He says have faith my child, do not fear,
Grace sufficient from day to day,
Yes, if we but let Him have His way.

Written on 1-24-04 by Mark Wright 

No Pain, No Gain

No true honest gain,

Can come without feeling some pain.

Look at Jesus the Son,

See how in pain his death was done.

God sent from heaven above,

His Son Jesus to show His true love.

Obeying the Father God,

Jesus shed His life’s blood;

Yes to ascend to heavenly glory,

Tis this had to be the story.

No true honest gain,

Can come without feeling some pain.

No longer to sin are we bound,

Lost no more for in Jesus we are found,

In order for us to win,

Through death He had to loosen us from sin,

Pierced and bleeding His life draining away,

Yet beside Him a thief he saved that very day.

Yes to ascend to heavenly glory

Tis this had to be the story.

For no true honest gain,

Can come without feeling some pain.

Written June 5, 2004

By Mark Wright 


God had a Master Plan,

Yes, God allowed their judgment to stand,

Destined in death to save the lost,

Yes Jesus was born for to pay the cost.

Sold out by one of His very own,

Though He forgave and did not disown,

Even they knew not really why,

As they judged and sentenced Jesus to die.

Yes upon a cross made from a tree,

My Saviour did bleed as he died for thee,

With words spoken by the Father in memory,

Jesus completed the Master’s Plan tis the story.

Written June 3, 2004

By Mark Wright