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David Williams


Ah yes, where was I,
certainly not allowed to say good bye.
So game tight I’d never get caught,
Now surrounded by evil and perverts is my lot.
Think you got it all figured out then it falls apart,
One appearance in a court to prove you’re not so smart.
A judge trained in man’s laws to kick your posterior,
Onto prison where (THEY) decide your new criteria.
Forget your rights, be prepared to fight,
Cause you shall be tested every day and night.
Yes, I was mean and bad,
And all my family is so sad.
Twenty-five years, a quarter century of time,
I exist in a cell seeking to become sublime.
So tough guy or slick one, come play our game,
And I bet fore the week is out you are not the same.
All the new guys try to make a stance,
By lights out eighty percent lose their pants.
No one to save you, you are on your own,
Been had by one, sold to another and well sown.
Violence and abuse is the order of the day,
After all society says we have something to repay.
Some claim their time in prison is a living hell,
With me, it’s just about the daily putrid smell.
Two dollars for a cigarette my brother needs a smoke,
Been so long since he had one all he does is choke.
Break the law if you choose,
It’s more than freedom that you lose.
There is a Mighty Father watching up above,
Will you surrender sin for love, true love?
When hope is lost and find yourself in need,
Will you declare to be of His Holy Creed?
The prison says I’m a threat to security,
Yet all I do is seek truth and purity.
You see, my friend, I’ve made my peace,
My sentence now commuted to eternal release.
For thirty pieces of silver He was sold,
And by this Grace we are able to unload.

January 14, 2005

David Williams #78730
P.O. Box 600
Grady, ARĀ  71644