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Vehicle Outreach

Vehicle Outreach

One of the outreaches of Locked Down For The Lord Prison Ministry is providing vehicles to those recently released from prison.  Vehicles are donated to the ministry and we provide the donors with a tax-deductible receipt.  We make sure the vehicles are in good running order before we give them to the former inmates.  We are blessed that Larry is able to do most of the mechanical repairs himself.

If we are contacted by someone who needs a vehicle and we don’t personally know them, we contact the chaplain at the prison where they were released from.  If the chaplain can provide a good reference, that is good enough for us.  We do not give vehicles to those who are not living for the Lord.

The new owners are required to get the vehicle licensed and insured.  We give them 30 days to get this done and provide us with copies of the registration and insurance. The ministry is named lien holder on the title which prevents the vehicles from being sold.  The new owners are required to sign a contract stating they will not use drugs or alcohol or become involved in any criminal activity while owning the vehicle.  If this happens, they know we have a spare set of keys and we will repossess the vehicle. They are required to stay in regular contact with us and to keep the vehicle in good repair.  The vehicles are given to them in good working order and we expect them to keep them that way.  When they are able to buy a vehicle, this one comes back to us for the next person in need.  We have five vehicles in use right now and the system has worked fine thus far.

You can see photos of the donated vehicles and their new owners on our photo album page.  If you have any questions about this outreach, please let us know.  If you have a vehicle that needs a new home, we can probably help you out!